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"No restrictions, just proper electronic anarchy!"


Ongehoord is a monthly rave that attracts a diverse crowd. We act as a solicitor and unifier for the somewhat segmented electronic music scene in the northern Netherlands. Whilst combining genres and therefore people from different upbringings and cultures, the Ongehoord-team aims at a greater goal for it’s events.

For well over 5 years now the team has been melting genres, vibes and dance floors. It has become second nature to Groningen's leftfield and peculiar Ongehoord collective. The events have given artists like Djedjotronic, Addison Groove, Loefah, DjRUM, CLIENT_03 and Thys (a.o.)  the freedom to play whatever they want in a giant back-2-back format. By keeping the DJ-booth ON the dance floor, the DJ’s get to rave WITH the crowd. Complemented by Groningen’s finest VJ’s, they frantically rave from acid to drum & bass and from techno to trance. They welcome and adore the most versatile electronic music DJ's. This is Ongehoord; think in energy and quality, not in genres.

Dennis Batstra
Dennis - Beatstra
As a main stay in the Groningen bass scene, this humble man operates on a whole 'nother level when it comes to record selection. You want your dose of bass? Beatstra has you covered and thén some!
Rob de Noord
DJ / Production Manager
Rob - NODE
When does one go from a talent to a veteran status. It seems as our beloved NODE keeps stretching these boundaries and we are exceptionally proud of him for this. Known for his high energy and never ending enthusiasm for quality tunes, bass music lovers tend to flock to his dance floors.
Percyn Donkers
DJ / Treasurer
Percyn - Percyn
The Groningen underground scene keeps some diamonds to itself. This is one of those rare guys who, we believe, doesn't get the spotlight he deserves.
Talitha Iris Barelds
Talitha -
From day one eager to make sure our events run like a charm. Always in for a challenge to turn ideas on paper in to something real. Most of her activities are manifesting behind the scenes. From coordinating technical issues and staff to making sure the guest dj gets back home.
Daan Oosting
DJ / Chairman
Daan - AVTUR
As a former member of DYSSEBIA and Black Dynamite, our good friend and resident DJ since the very beginning has never been one to hold on to a firm believe in what he should or shouldn't play. Maybe with the exception of quality. "If it's good I'll play it".
Bas van Engelen
Saint Grey
DJ / Secretary
Bas - Saint Grey
Known for his high energy drum and bass sets with halftime beats and neurofunk, Saint Grey proved that a background in jazz and funk gave him the ability to broaden his musical spectrum well beyond his comfort zone.
Freek Wigbold
Freek Strano
Freek - Freek Strano
Broken rave beats leaning on pulsating bass lines looking for a twist, might do the trick describing Freek Strano. Though lately, as founder and resident of the Ongehoord parties, this Groningen techno producer has shaken of the restrictions of a genre in which he operates.
"Letting go of your expectations has never felt thís good"


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  • Stichting Echt Ongehoord
  • Nassaulaan 13
  • 9717 CE Groningen, The Netherlands
  • KvK: 73811866
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